blurry image of a city with only dots of lights visible

Lighting Design Techniques for Reducing Light Pollution

By Andre Marques | July 25, 2024

Solutions and Design Strategies for Efficient Street Lighting Light pollution is a growing concern in urban environments, impacting not only the aesthetic beauty of the night sky but also affecting ecosystems and human health. Efficient street lighting design is crucial in minimising light pollution while ensuring safety and visibility. This article explores various techniques and […]

Unveiling the Long-Term Financial Benefits of Different Drainage Pipe Materials

By Andre Marques | July 18, 2024

Lifetime Cost Analysis of Plastic vs. Metal Pipes Choosing the right drainage pipe materials is critical for ensuring durability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. In various industries, from construction to utilities, the debate over plastic and metal pipes continues, with each material offering distinct advantages and challenges. This article delves into a comprehensive lifetime cost analysis of […]

Impact of Lighting Design on Human Behaviour

By Andre Marques | July 15, 2024

How Street Lighting Influences Safety, Mood, and Behaviour in Urban Areas In the dynamic environment of urban areas, the role of street lighting extends beyond mere illumination. It shapes the ambience, affects safety, and influences human behaviour in subtle yet significant ways. A well-lit street is not just about visibility; it’s about creating an atmosphere […]

How Weather Conditions Affect Street Lighting Performance

By Andre Marques | July 5, 2024

Exploring the Impact of Climates and Adaptive Technologies Street lighting is an integral component of urban infrastructure, contributing significantly to night-time visibility, safety, and the overall aesthetics of public spaces. However, the performance of these lights can vary dramatically across different climates, presenting unique challenges that must be addressed to ensure their effectiveness and longevity. […]

stormwater drainage pipe

Why Plastic Stormwater Pipes Are Superior to Concrete Pipes

By Glenn Gambetta | July 3, 2024

Introduction: Piping Choices and Their Impact Today, plastic stormwater pipes are emerging as the preferred choice of stormwater pipes over concrete pipes. This blog aims to delve into the compelling advantages of plastic over concrete and why it’s becoming the go-to for sustainable stormwater management. Advantages of Plastic Stormwater PipesOver the past few years plastic […]

How do streetlights work?

By Andre Marques | July 1, 2024

Illuminating the Pathways of Our Cities Did you know that the right streetlight design can significantly reduce urban crime rates? Across the world, streetlights do more than just light up our night-time roads; they enhance safety, facilitate navigation, and even impact social dynamics. This blog explores the intricate world of streetlights, detailing their types, components, […]

Photo of street light pole against a beautiful sunset sky

How To Report A Light Pole Outage

By Andre Marques | June 13, 2024

Keeping Our Communities Safe Did you know that a single unlit street can significantly increase the risk of accidents and crime in the area? In fact, studies have shown that well-lit streets can reduce certain types of crime and increase nightime street activity. This underscores the importance of functioning street lights for community safety and […]

The Longevity of The Corrugated Pipes Under Our Cities

By Glenn Gambetta | June 6, 2024

Corrugated pipes serve as the backbone of our infrastructure, managing everything from stormwater to sewage. Their are various factors that contribute to the longevity of corrugated pipes, Plasgain provides innovative solutions that help ensure these systems last even longer. Understanding Corrugated Pipes Definition and Types Corrugated pipes are specially designed with ridges and grooves to […]

woman standing on a pipe that's on a bridge

Understanding the Load Capacity of Corrugated Pipes

By Glenn Gambetta | May 30, 2024

The Importance of Knowing Corrugated Pipe Load Capacity  Corrugated pipes are a fundamental component in various infrastructure projects, particularly in stormwater drainage systems. These pipes are renowned for their strength and durability, which are crucial in environments that require robust load-bearing capacity. This article explores the factors that contribute to the load capacity of corrugated […]

What Material Are Light Poles Made Of?

By Glenn Gambetta | May 27, 2024

What Are Light Poles Made Of? Light poles are an integral part of our urban landscape, providing the necessary illumination to ensure safety and enhance the aesthetic appeal of our surroundings. From the highways that connect cities to the streets that wind through our neighbourhoods, light poles play a crucial role in modern infrastructure. These […]