Don’t Be Left in the Dark: What Happens If You Hit a Light Pole

By Glenn Gambetta | April 11, 2024

Headlights flash. A loud bang. You’ve hit a light pole. Now what? In the blink of an eye, a routine drive can turn into a nerve-wracking experience. While accidents involving light poles happen more often than one might think, the aftermath can leave drivers unsure of their next steps. Understanding the correct actions to take […]

corrugated pipes

How to Stop a Corrugated Pipe from Crushing

By Glenn Gambetta | April 4, 2024

Ever seen a drainage ditch collapse in slow motion? At the heart of this disaster often lies a hidden culprit: crushed corrugated pipes. These unsung heroes of our infrastructure quietly ensure the flow of stormwater and sewage away from our streets and homes, but when they fail, the consequences can be muddy at best and […]

Who Deals With Damaged Light Poles?

By Glenn Gambetta | March 28, 2024

Why Light Poles Matter Light Poles in our urban landscapes do more than illuminate our path; they’re crucial for ensuring public safety, enhancing city aesthetics, and promoting vibrant community life after dark. But when a light pole flickers out, who is responsible for fixing this essential piece of urban infrastructure? This blog post delves into […]

What are The Benefits of Using Plastic Pipes in Modern Infrastructure?

By Glenn Gambetta | March 21, 2024

In the dynamic world of construction and infrastructure development, the quest for materials that offer sustainability, efficiency, and durability is relentless. Amidst this search, plastic pipes have emerged as a beacon of innovation, challenging traditional norms and setting new standards in the industry. Find out how they provide benefits in modern infrastructure. Article Quick Guide […]

corrugated pipes

Why Use Corrugated Pipes For Drainage Solutions

By Glenn Gambetta | March 14, 2024

A good site manager knows the value of appropriately managing debris, industrial resources, labour, and water runoff. This steadfast approach to infrastructure management allows for heightened safety, site stability, infrastructure protection, flooding prevention, and environmental compliance. Yet not all drainage solutions are as good as one another. Poorly designed drainage leads to standing water, erosion […]

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Who is Responsible for Street Lighting?

By Glenn Gambetta | March 7, 2024

Studies show that well-designed street lighting can reduce crime rates by up to 20% and significantly enhance the nighttime vibrancy of communities. It’s a complex symphony of collaboration, innovation, and meticulous planning, where Plasgain plays a crucial role in providing the high-quality materials that make it all possible. Key Takeaway Table Key Point Summary Collaborative […]

plasgain stormwater pipes

Conquering Clogged Drains: A Guide to Clear Stormwater Pipes

By Andre Marques | February 29, 2024

Stormwater Pipes Key Point Summary Importance of Clear Pipes Maintaining clear stormwater pipes is crucial to prevent flooding and protect property. Understanding the System Knowledge of how stormwater systems work and what causes blockages is essential for effective management. Preventing Blockages Regular inspections, smart landscaping, and the use of drain guards can significantly reduce the […]

Plasgain solar light pole

How Does Solar Lighting Work?

By Glenn Gambetta | February 23, 2024

Illuminating the Future In an era where sustainability is not just a goal but a necessity, the spotlight turns to innovative solutions that redefine how we think about energy and infrastructure. Among these, solar lighting stands out as a beacon of efficiency, sustainability, and technological advancement. Plasgain, a leader in the engineering supply sector, known […]

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How To Stop A Corrugated Drain Pipe From Leaking

By Glenn Gambetta | February 20, 2024

Corrugated drain pipes manufactured correctly can offer adequate performance for years without maintenance. However, issues will eventually develop.  The best policy is to find solutions that prevent leaking from occurring. These reduce long-term servicing costs and enable installations to perform to the desired specification for longer.  The next-best policy is to learn what may go […]

stormwater pipes

Why are Stormwater Pipes Important?

By Glenn Gambetta | January 10, 2024

Stormwater pipes, an essential component of urban infrastructure, play a pivotal role in managing surface runoff in urban environments. Their importance in modern cities, often underestimated, is crucial in controlling the dynamics of urban water management, thereby ensuring public safety, environmental protection, and infrastructure longevity. The Critical Role in Urban Planning Urban planning today faces […]