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Plaspole: Innovative and sustainable Australian made street light pole solutions

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PlaspoleTM - innovative and sustainable solution for lighting poles in Australia.

Our product represents a technical leap forward in manufacturing and sustainability, with a commitment to excellence that goes far beyond the function of a mere light pole.

We are proud to offer a product that not only serves its intended purpose for over 50 years, but also supports the wider community by returning manufacturing to Australia and using recycled materials.

We believe in minimising our environmental footprint by incorporating waste materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. We are committed to making a positive difference to our planet.

To give you a detailed understanding of PlaspoleTM, we haved provided product images and descriptions. We have conducted independent structural testing in line with both VESI and Australian Standards.

Engineering computations have also been performed by a structural engineering organisation with extensive experience in lighting standards. We have included engineering drawings that illustrate the specifics of each component, including cross-sections and elevations.

To ensure that all documentation is accurate and up to standard, we have engaged an engineering firm to summarise the key points and independently verify that the testing performed complies with both VESI and Australian Standards.

What is Plaspole?


  • For years, traditional light poles in Australia have been manufactured from virgin steel in China, causing significant greenhouse gas emissions due to mining, beneficiation and transportation. However, PlaspoleTM offers a sustainable and cost- effective alternative.


  • Plaspole’sTM outer skin is made of a thin aluminium layer, which
    is UV and weather-resistant and can be painted to match the surrounding environment. The inner core of the pole is where
    the real magic happens - recycled plastic, collected from Victorian kerbside post-consumer collection, is inserted into the core in a molten state and under pressure. As the plastic cools, it bonds with the aluminium skin, enhancing the pole’s structural integrity.


  • The recycled polymeric material used in PlaspoleTM comes from post-consumer waste, such as milk bottles and yoghurt containers, and provides a longer useful life to these items. The innovative manufacturing process of PlaspoleTM reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills and the amount of virgin materials required.


  • To ensure ease of connectivity, a thin steel tube is incorporated through the centre of the polymeric core, allowing cables to pass through. The composite material used in PlaspoleTM results in a high-strength pole that can withstand wind loading and service deflection limits while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of traditional light poles.


  • PlaspoleTM is not only environmentally-friendly, but it is also cost- effective and manufactured in Australia. It offers a sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing process that reduces greenhouses gas emissions, creating a positive impact on the environment. Moreover, the production of PlaspoleTM supports the Australian manufacturing industry and helps to reduce reliance on imported products
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At Plasgain, we have extensive experience in supplying traditional light poles, and we have customised PlaspoleTM with the following features to ensure successful installation.

The in-ground base is designed as Hot Dipped Galvanised in compliance to VESI and Australian standards to accommodate 5mm wall thickness.

The Galvised base at ground level prevents damage from line trimmers.

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Figure 1: Access door location. Note a door will affix to the opening as per traditional light poles.

The cable entry location is engineered to create a seamless path for cables to pass through. During the manufacturing process, a mould is inserted to create a void within the recycled plastic. This section is buried underground and provides a durable, smooth and natural insulator for the cables.

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Figure 2: Seamless door covering internal components sits flush with pole and unnoticeable from a distance.

Screenshot 2024-05-30 at 3.05.12 pm

Figure 3: Showcases the engineering cable entry location of PlaspoleTM, ensuring a smooth and effortless pathway for cables to pass through the recycled plastic material to reach the top of the pole. The moulded plastic is not only durable and smooth but also acts as a natural insulator.

Testing of Plaspole

PlaspoleTM has been tested to Australian Standards for wind loading (AS/NZS1170) and the VESI regulations for street lighting poles, which have been modified with increase Factors of Safety to account for the unique composite structure of PlaspoleTM. The summarised testing results are:

225 258 225 265 120 26.5 10mm PASS
300 343 300 355 150 31.3 220mm PASS
375 431 375 443 180 134-168mm 270mm PASS
4 VESI & AS/NZS 1170.2 Ultimate 2.6kN 30% All tested poles maintained the applied load 5 minutes without a reduction in strength Must be able to sustain the test load for 5 minutes PASS

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