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Engineering the Future of Stormwater Systems

In the realm of stormwater management, the choice of piping material is pivotal. Corrugated pipes, particularly those manufactured by Plasgain, are emerging as the superior alternative in Australia's infrastructure projects. Crafted in Victoria from recycled plastic, Plasgain’s plastic pipes mark a significant departure from traditional concrete options. This shift is not merely a matter of material preference but a testament to innovation, durability, and environmental stewardship. Concrete pipes, while long-standing staples in stormwater systems, often succumb to cracking and extensive maintenance over time. Plasgain's polypropylene (PP) pipes, however, offer a resilient, corrosion-resistant solution that stands the test of time and the elements. Beyond their robustness, these pipes are lighter, easier to install, and significantly more eco-friendly—attributes that underscore Plasgain's commitment to advancing sustainable engineering solutions.

Applications of Our Corrugated Pipes

Corrugated pipes, characterised by their distinctive design and superior material properties, are integral to a wide array of infrastructure projects. Their application is supported by technical specifications that underscore their adaptability and efficiency.

Corrugated pipes are the backbone of effective stormwater management systems, designed to ASTM F405 and AS/NZS 5065 standards for stormwater applications. Their dual-wall construction provides a smooth internal surface for optimal hydraulic performance (Manning’s n value of 0.009), facilitating rapid water conveyance and reducing the risk of blockages. Capable of handling flow rates exceeding 10 cubic metres per second, these pipes ensure efficient drainage even during intense rainfall events.

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Large-Scale Infrastructure Projects

For highways, airports, and urban transit systems, Plasgain’s corrugated pipes offer unparalleled load-bearing capacity, compliant with AASHTO M294 and AS/NZS 2566.1 standards for live and dead loads. The unique corrugated design allows for deflection up to 7.5% without compromising structural integrity, making them suitable for installations under high-traffic areas where dynamic loads are a concern.

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Environmental Management

In projects aimed at habitat restoration and flood control, these pipes play a crucial role in preserving natural water courses and managing excess water. The material's chemical inertness ensures that polypropylene pipes do not leach harmful substances into the environment, maintaining the ecological balance and supporting biodiversity.

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Agricultural and Irrigation Systems

Agriculture benefits from the use of corrugated pipes in creating efficient irrigation and drainage systems. Their resistance to a wide range of pH levels (from highly acidic to basic environments) allows for deployment in varied agricultural settings without the risk of material degradation. Additionally, the pipes' flexibility accommodates ground movement and thermal expansion, reducing the likelihood of stress fractures and ensuring longevity in field installations.

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Nominal Diameter DN (mm) Mean Pipe Outside Diameter Do (mm) Mean Pipe Internal Diameter Di (mm) Maximum Overall Socket Diameter DEC (mm) Socket Insert Length Si (mm) Profile Pitch Pp (mm) Effective Length (6m nominal length) (mm) Approx. Pipe Mass (kg/m)
225 258 225 265 120 26.5 5880 4
300 343 300 355 150 31.3 5850 5
375 431 375 443 180 43 5820 8
450 515 450 536 210 57.3 5790 9

Benefits of Our Corrugated Pipes

Advantages of Plasgains Corrugated Pipes

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

  • Sustainably Produced: Utilises up to 100% recycled polypropylene, significantly reducing the need for virgin materials and lowering the carbon footprint associated with production.
  • Contributes to Green Building: Meets global environmental standards, such as ISO 14001, ensuring projects contribute to LEED and Green Star ratings.

Enhanced Durability and Reliability

  • Innovatively Designed for Strength: Engineered to exceed the stiffness and impact resistance requirements of AS/NZS 5065, providing superior durability under variable load conditions.
  • Long-Term Service Life: Demonstrated to maintain structural integrity and functionality for over 100 years in typical installation environments, based on accelerated ageing tests.

Installation Efficiency

  • Lightweight Flexibility: Weighs approximately 94% less than equivalent concrete pipes, significantly reducing transport and handling costs—data derived from comparative weight analyses.
  • Quick and Secure Joining Mechanism: Incorporates advanced rubber seals tested to AS 3571 standards for elastomeric seals, ensuring leak-proof connections even under dynamic soil movements.

Operational Excellence

  • Superior Flow Capacity: The interior smoothness, measured by a Manning’s n value of 0.009, optimises flow rates and reduces sediment build-up, extending maintenance intervals.
  • Resistant to Environmental Stressors: Demonstrates exceptional chemical resistance, withstanding pH levels ranging from 2 to 12, ensuring longevity in varied chemical exposures.

Core Benefits

Versatile Application Compatibility

  • Adaptable to Various Environments: Successfully used in soil types classified from S1 to S4, showcasing versatility and reliability across diverse geological conditions.
  • Visibility for Maintenance: The light interior colour enhances visibility during CCTV inspections, aligning with best practices for infrastructure monitoring.

Cost-Effective Solutions

  • Reduction in Overall Project Costs: Analysis shows up to a 30% cost saving over the project lifecycle when compared to traditional materials, factoring in installation, maintenance, and replacement costs.
  • Minimised Environmental Impact: The use of recycled content and the pipes' longevity contribute to a significant reduction in the ecological footprint, supporting sustainable infrastructure development.

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