Solar Lighting Superlux Range: All-In-One Solar Lights

Plasgain Solar LRC-h 3b


  • Strong aluminium all-in-one design with Phillips LED Chips.
  • Different sizes and functions to suit your application.  


  • Available in 30W, 60W & 120W
  • Latest LED technology with LED Modular Thermal Design
  • Modular Battery Design with easy replacement capabilities
  • Smart Battery Protection System
  • Superior AL6063 Aluminium Frame with Monocrystalline Solar Panel 
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Solar Lighting Superlux Range – Hinge Pole Block

Concrete Block to facilitate both the Mid-Hinge Pole & Telescopic Pole. The Portable Range will accommodate both the Solar Lighting and Solar CCTV products.

The Solar Lighting and the Solar CCTV will be available on the hinge pole and the telescopic pole.

The telescopic pole will have 5 galvanised sections and be operated with a lockable hand winch.


  • Swift Lift Concrete Lifting Lug
  • 200 x 75mm C-Channel Fork Ports
  • M16 Female Ferrules
  • Telescopic base to suit PCD of Concrete Block 
Telescopic Mast cropped 2
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