Stormwater Drainage Pipes

Stormwater drainage system and pipes for large commerical infrastructure projects

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Plasdrain™ - Durable and Efficient Stormwater Drainage Solutions for All Environments

Plasdrain™ pipes are dual-walled, corrugated polypropylene pipes for non-pressure applications, manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS 5065.

The unique extrusion process offers the ability to utilise recycled material of varying sources and quantities.

Utilising the latest co-extrusion techniques, Plasdrain™ is manufactured with a smooth bore for the highest hydraulic performance and a corrugated outside wall for the highest stiffness to weight ratio.

The in-line bell and spigot joint, paired with light weight design provides for quick installation.

Polypropylene ensures high strength to weight ratio, high stiffness, and toughness. Plasdrain™ can be installed in trafficable areas including under road pavements and non-trafficable areas. Plasdrain™ is sensitive to the environment, by firstly utilising recycled polypropylene raw material and secondly through efficient design by using less material than comparable drainage pipes, long life cycle and light weight reducing the CO2 emissions from plant and heavy vehicles to transport and install.

Plasdrain™ is less likely to crack than rigid pipe, resulting in less leakage and consequential environmental issues. Rigid pipes that do crack require plastic lining to reseal.

Plasgain Plasdrain™ provide a modern stormwater drainage system for the modern infrastructure project.

Chemical Resistance

Plasdrain™ polypropylene pipes are resistant to corrosion by aggressive soils and substances that can wash through the stormwater drainage system. Polypropylene resins are highly resistant to solvents and chemicals. They are resistant to weak inorganic acids, organic acids, alcohols, ammonia and oxidising salts and suffer from breakdown only when exposed to strong inorganic acids such as fuming nitric acid at room temperature and 98% sulfuric acid at 600°C, both of which are highly unlikely to pass through the stormwater system. Chemical resistance is affected by concentration, temperature, period of contact and stress.

Weathering Resistance

Stormwater Pipe Product Range

Plasdrain pipes are designed for stormwater drainage applications. Plasdrain pipes have a black coloured corrugated outer surface with a smooth green interior. Each length of pipe has a nominal length of 6m, has a spigot end and a socket end for simple joining. Each pipe is supplied with rubber rings required to seal joins.

Nominal Diameter DN (mm) Mean Pipe Outside Diameter Do (mm) Mean Pipe Internal Diameter Di (mm) Maximum Overall Socket Diameter DEC (mm) Socket Insert Length Si (mm) Profile Pitch Pp (mm) Effective Length (6m nominal length) (mm) Approx. Pipe Mass (kg/m)
225 258 225 265 120 26.5 5880 4
300 343 300 355 150 31.3 5850 5
375 431 375 343 180 43.0 5820 9
450 515 450 536 210 57.3 5790 12
525 604 525 625 241 57.3 5780 17
600 686 600 714 276 68.8 5690 22
750 852 750 890 345 86.0 5560 32

Typical Properties Of Plasdrain

Polypropylene pipe compound Block copolymer
Mass of carbon black 2 - 2.5% by mass ISO 964
Particle size of carbon black 20-25 nm ASTM D3849
Toluene extract of carbon black <0.1% AS/NZS 4131 Appendix B
Melt mass-flow rate 1.4g/10min @ 230°C and 5kg ISO 1133 Condition 12
Tensile properties AS 1145.2
Internal pressure resistance of PP >140hours at 80C and 4.2MPa Hoop Stress ISO 8773
Thermal stability of pipes and fittings >40minutes OIT ISO/TR 10837
Stiffness of pipes >8,000N/m.m AS/NZS 1462.22
Ring flexibility of pipes no cracking at 30% deflection AS/NZS1462.23
Hydrostatic pressure resistance of elastomeric seal joints no leakage AS/NZS 1462.8
Liquid infiltration of elastomeric seal joints no leakage AS 1462.8
Contact width and pressure of elastomeric seals >0.47MPa AS/NZS 1462.13 (Int)

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