Why Use Corrugated Pipes For Drainage Solutions

A good site manager knows the value of appropriately managing debris, industrial resources, labour, and water runoff.

This steadfast approach to infrastructure management allows for heightened safety, site stability, infrastructure protection, flooding prevention, and environmental compliance.

Yet not all drainage solutions are as good as one another. Poorly designed drainage leads to standing water, erosion and sedimentation, flooding, and damage to the infrastructure or its foundations. 

To perfect reliable drainage solutions, plastic Plasgain corrugated pipes are far and above one of the best methods for achieving your goal. 

In this post, we’ll outline why Plasgain recycled corrugated pipes serve as the most affordable, sustainable, and secure solution for continual drainage management.

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Sustainability & Eco ManagementEnvironmental Sustainability, Reduces Carbon Footprint, Lightweight, Recyclable Economy
Ease of Installation & ManagementLightweight, Easy Installation, Low Maintenance, Modular Nature, Resistance to Corrosion and Abrasion
Additional BenefitsAustralian-Made, Utilization of Recycled Materials, Extended Lengths, Rapid Deployment, Securely Sealed Connections
Product PropertiesOptimal Hydraulic Efficiency, Smooth Interior Surface, Suitability for Harsh Soils, CCTV Inspection Compatibility

Benefit 1: Hydraulic Efficiency

The corrugated structure within these plastic pipes introduces a controlled roughness to the inner surface, which significantly reduces resistance to water flow, allowing you to manage drainage more capably. With Plasgain, a smooth inner skin allows for seamless water flow, providing you with a uniform result every time. This feature promotes smoother and more predictable runoff management even with various volumes, ensuring balanced water flow even in difficult conditions.

This facilitates efficient drainage, mitigating the risk of standing water, erosion, and flooding that could otherwise occur. Such outcomes prevent damage to the property and also allow you to utilise drainage pipe installations in many locations around the site, as opposed to prioritising certain pipes for certain runoff volumes.

Benefit 2: Durability

Large infrastructure projects are often managed for years, meaning a durable solution that offers long-term value is non-negotiable. Corrugated pipes, particularly those crafted from high-quality materials like our recycled corrugated pipes, excel in this aspect. 

Their construction is engineered to withstand the harshest conditions, which can include intensive temperatures, seasonal weather shifts, heavy loads, or in some cases, corrosive substances.

The secret lies in its design structure. Corrugated pipes feature a unique fibrous shape that enhances their strength while remaining lightweight. This combination ensures they can endure the pressures of underground installations without suffering deformation or collapse, even if encountering outward pressure. That way, they can easily be slotted into trenches and covered for years without long-term impact.

For better durability, consider Plasgain:

  • Plasdrain™ pipes are special corrugated pipes made from polypropylene for drainage purposes, following AS/NZS 5065 standards.
  • These pipes are made using a unique method that allows for the use of recycled materials from various recyclable sources.
  • Plasdrain™ uses the latest co-extrusion techniques, giving it a smooth inner surface for efficient water flow and a corrugated outer wall for strong support without being heavy.
  • Their design includes an easy-to-connect bell and spigot joint, making installation quick and straightforward for a wide variety of infrastructure projects.
  • Made from polypropylene, Plasdrain™ pipes are strong but lightweight, suitable for use on roads and in areas with heavy foot traffic too.
  • Plasdrain™ is environmentally friendly: it uses recycled materials, its design minimizes material usage, and its lightweight reduces CO2 emissions during transportation and installation.
  • Compared to rigid pipes, Plasdrain™ is less likely to crack, reducing leaks and environmental harm. Plus, it doesn’t need plastic lining for repairs, which saves a great deal of time during complex projects.

Remember that polypropylene, renowned for its durability, offers thorough resilience to construction impacts and loading during installation. Its wide thermal resistance from -20°C to 90°C, high chemical resistance spanning pH 2 to pH 12, and remarkable abrasion resistance ensure reliability in stormwater drainage systems. Additionally, its robustness under mechanical stress, smooth surfaces promoting optimal hydraulics, and self-cleaning properties genuinely limit maintenance requirements, making it an ideal choice for such infrastructure projects.

In essence, the robustness of corrugated pipes, such as our example above, ensures that once installed, they provide reliable drainage for years to come, offering peace of mind to engineers and site managers alike.

Benefit 3: Sustainability & Eco Management

As construction firms bid on projects, environmental sustainability, and eco-focuses have fast become not only a side luxury but a main priority to plan for. Corrugated pipes made from recycled materials, such as Plasgain’s offerings, align with this ethos perfectly.

Not only is capable water drainage the correct environmental approach to take, use of these pipes helps reduce the strain on natural resources and curb landfill waste thanks to their lightweight management. This means the logistics of transporting pipes minimises the carbon footprint associated with drainage infrastructure but also contributes to the recyclable economy by promoting the reuse of materials.

corrugated pipes

Benefit 4: Ease Of Installation & Management

Efficiency is key in any construction project, and drainage solutions are no exception. Corrugated pipes, particularly Plasgain’s underground stormwater plastic corrugated pipes, offer lightweight management and ease of installation.

Thanks to their dual extrusion and vacuum controller corrugating process, these pipes can be angled, installed and positioned with ease, reducing labour costs and installation time significantly. In large-scale industrial projects, using an intensive, sometimes miles-long drainage network that allows for continual reliability or shift is essential, allowing you to focus on the main priorities of your project.

Additionally, the modular nature of corrugated pipes allows for seamless integration with existing drainage systems or structures, no matter their angle, the developmental stage of your project, or the room you have to work with on the wider job site. This adaptability simplifies retrofitting projects and allows for easier upgrades, ensuring that drainage infrastructure can change as your project scope does.

Most of all, the low maintenance requirements of Plasgain’s corrugated pipes further enhance their appeal. Its robust construction and resistance to corrosion and abrasion limit the need for frequent inspections and repairs, saving both time and resources in the long run. As such, Plasgain drainage pipes have become a staple of time-sensitive project management.

Plasgains underground stormwater plastic corrugated pipe is the superior corrugated pipe for large infrastructure projects.

Our Plasgain recycled corrugated pipes, emerge as the optimal choice for drainage solutions due to their hydraulic efficiency, durability, sustainability, and ease of installation and management. 

We develop all of our engineering equipment and tools in the interest of ease of use, practical longevity and sustainability. That’s why we furnish construction outfits all over the globe with our products, and how site managers have come to rely on our trusted name.

Our Plasgain corrugated pipes also offer:

✔️ Australian-made design.

✔️ Utilization of Recycled Materials

✔️ Lightweight, Convenient to Maneuver

✔️ Robust Construction Thanks to Corrugated Design

✔️ Extended Lengths Available

✔️ Straightforward Installation – Simple to Connect & Trim

✔️ Rapid Deployment

✔️ Securely Sealed Connections with Advanced Rubber Seals

✔️ Thoroughly Tested for Reliability

✔️ Outstanding Resistance to Wear and Chemicals

With the following properties:

✔️ Optimal Hydraulic Efficiency

✔️ Smooth Interior Surface Promoting Fluid Flow

✔️ Resistance to Buildup on Surface

✔️ Effortless Pipe Cutting

✔️ Convenience in Joining Sections

✔️ Suitability for Harsh or Saline Soils, with Environmental Sensitivity

✔️ Bright Internal Color Aiding CCTV Inspection

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